Global Brigades Canada

Aroma Maya is proud to be a fundraising partner of Global Brigades

Café Holistico is an initiative of Global Brigades, the world’s largest university
movement for global health and sustainable development. See how your support is impacting rural communities at

Offer Something People Want

You know it, we know it, your neighbours and friends know it... coffee is a hot item - and not only after it's brewed! Offering something people already consume will make your fundraising efforts much more successful! Plus, your team raises $5 per sale!

A Holistic Model

Café Holístico is a Global Brigades initiative. Every bag of coffee purchased not only supports your brigade, but also helps Aroma Maya extend their passion for the potential of developing countries to other projects while continuing to contribute  to the Guatemalan economy.

No upfront costs to get started

One of the hardest parts of fundraising is coming up with cash to buy supplies and create something to sell. Getting your fundraiser started is as simple as downloading and printing your order forms, and you're ready! The rest is already taken care of.

Why us?

Our system works.

We have a system in place that other well-known organizations have used to run successful fundraisers. Plus, no upfront cost means no risk. Give us a try!

Only The Finest Coffees

Guatemalan coffees are amongst the best coffees in the world. With over 300 microclimates, Guatemala is able to offer a diverse quality like no other. We are proud to offer two of the most outstanding regions this small country has to offer.



After filling out the form below, a rep from our team will get in touch with all the material you need to get started.

Note: Please tell us about the GB chapter you're fundraising for and what your goal is! A goal is important to drive tangible results! :)