Fundraising during COVID-19 Times

We recognize that current global circumstances may have an impact on the ability of organizations to facilitate fundraising and are confident that by following a few simple steps and precautions you can have a successful fall fundraiser with us in 2020!

  • Social Media is your friend- While in the past we have encouraged people to go out and meet with friends and family face to face we recognize the value in social distancing to be safe! Using social media to connect with friends and family by setting up an online call or group to advertise your fundraiser is a great way to connect! Be sure to monitor any use of social media by minors and stay safe while online!

  • Work from home- With the transition that many have made to working from home, the need for access to quality coffee is even more important! Offer friends and family the quality taste of Aroma Maya Coffee for a fresh start to every work day!

  • Product Knowledge- Educating people on the smooth, sweet and full bodied taste of Aroma Maya Coffee is easy when you can add a website and Facebook page to your social media fundraiser! The reviews speak for themselves! Just add the following links!  

  • E-transfer funds- Most of us are set up to transfer funds online and it's a quick and easy way to collect payment once people have placed their order! Setting up your bank account for Autodeposit eliminates the need for individual passwords. 

  • Safety- At Aroma Maya Coffee Inc. we pledge to maintain the safety and quality standards we are known for! Every order is roasted, packaged and delivered with care!

  • No contact payment- We offer payment by e-transfer and cheque in the mail which limits any physical contact when placing a fundraising order. 

  • Sorting and delivery- We encourage you to follow your provinces guidelines when sorting and making delivery to your friends and family including but not limited to social distancing, proper hand washing and the wearing of masks. No contact delivery is highly recommended. ------Nova Scotia: 
    -New Brunswick:  

  • Ask Questions- This is a new normal for all of us so please ask questions and we will assist you and your organization's fundraising efforts the best we can! 
Remember, we're in this together! Let's work together to make this the best fundraising year yet!