Blank Canvas Series

Blank Canvas Series

A Blank Canvas: For generations, coffee has been a blank canvas to many artists. A farmer, a craft roaster and a barista are all artists who take coffee and turn it into a work of art.

This line of blends embraces coffee and its endless possibilities. From the conditions the beans are grown under to the notes pulled in the roasting process to the brewing method used, every cup of coffee has the potential to be a masterpiece. Consider these blends a fusion of food and art.

Enjoy them as you would a fine wine, appreciating the creative processes and tasting notes of these coffees.


Unicorn Blend

Have you ever tasted something so unique that a few notes will not do it justice? When we tried this coffee, the only word that could describe was a rainbow. Such an array of flavour notes that had to be out of this world. And that's how we landed on the name!

Blueberry, pomegranate and dark chocolate -  bright, winey acidity, silky body and pronounced clean finish plus rainbows covered in pixie dust. 

The coffee cherries are sun-dried whole, then pulped - a process that can take 3-6 weeks resulting in a flavour profile that might as well be a myth! 

See: Unicorn Blend

Recommended Methods:
-Paper filter methods like pour over drip
-Espresso (Pulls incredibly fruity notes)

Honey Process

We did not come up with the name. However, when we roasted it for the first time, we understood the provenance of the name. The smell of bee hives filled the room as the beans started browning! 

What is Honey Process?
Picked and sorted, pulped but not washed, the coat of “honey” left on the coffee cherries enhances the cup’s natural sweetness raising the profile of the cup to a new dimension. 

Notes: Prunes, Blackberry, Sugar Cane, Honey and Chocolate. This unique coffee is complemented by a velvety smooth long finish. 


Profile: rich, clear and complex fruitiness, defined, acidity and enhanced body. 

See: Honey Process

Recommended Methods:
-Paper filter methods like pour over drip 
-Espresso (Pulls incredibly fruity notes)

Black Bear Brew

Our Pride and joy as we took a washed, SHB, gourmet coffee and turned it into a flavour profile so deep, woody but yet clean and bright. The Black Bear Brew tastes like a weekend in the deep woods while enjoying nature's beauty. 

What is Smoke Roasted Coffee?
A coffee that inspires a passion for the outdoors. Craft roasted, then double smoked with our very own blend of applewood and cherrywood, this coffee will transport you to outdoor moments of connecting with nature enjoying all the things that set your soul free.

Process: Smoke Roasted 

Notes: Cocoa, molasses, hints of cherry and apple.

Profile: Deep body with a woody finish.

See: Black Bear Brew

 Recommended Methods:
-Frech Press
-Mocha Pot
-Other methods with a plastic or metal filter


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