How to run a successful coffee fundraiser

You have your order forms all set to go and volunteers eager to start their friends, family and neighbours with amazing coffee. Do not worry as we have been doing this for quite some time and want to help you be as successful as possible. 

People's success with raising a lot of funds while selling Aroma Maya varies for many reasons. However, we've made a list of common trends we've notice make a successful Fundraiser with Aroma Maya!

    • Empower your volunteers: An organization is only as powerful as its stakeholders - in this case, its volunteers! We can't do it all by ourselves and they've joined your organization because they believe in what it does and its potential. Let them take ownership and you will be amazed by the results! 

    •  Set an overall goal and break it down into individual goals: A big goal may seem overwhelming, we get that! But if you have a step by step how-to, all of the sudden, your big goal becomes highly attainable. How does that translate into running a fundraising with us? It's super simple. You know how much your org. keeps per sale and how many volunteers you have. Divide your overall goal into the number of volunteers you have and see how many items every individual needs to sell. Don't let the numbers overwhelm you. We are here to help so feel free to get in touch!

    • Social media and emails are your best friends: Your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances need a good cup of coffee...don't we all? Let them know you're selling specialty grade coffee that's roasted to perfection in small batches! They'll want to get a bag for themselves, their friends, family and will likely want to tell their co-workers and acquaintances to get some as well! Thankfully, you are offering a high quality product that people consume on a regular basis so it's a really easy sell. 

Again, we're here to help! If we can help with any ideas for any specific situations, let us know! 

 Thank you for fundraising with Aroma Maya!