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It's been a while since we've been able to travel around the world freely and we think we can do something about that. It won't replace the actual traveling experience but it will bring different experiences from several parts around the world! 

Every coffee has something completely original that makes each and every one of them unique. We want you to taste all those differences! The boxes will come with brewing recipes that we believe work better for those specific beans and interesting facts about them! Think of it as a barista experience from around the world. 

Every coffee we bring in will have a NiGHT and a DAY version. While each coffee is unique, the roasting process can alter its qualities! Through the roasting process, we will further develop those qualities to give you an entirely different profile using the same beans. The difference between the two are 'night and day' !

Day: Roasted just enough to bring out and enhance the integral qualities of the beans. This will allow you to 'taste the region' as we say. 

Night: Further roasted to deepen the qualities of beans! This will give the beans the taste we all commonly know as 'coffee taste'. Some of the otherwise brighter notes will be deeper and more well rounded. 

We will only bring a small amount of each Micro-lot and will have it available until it's sold out. At which point we will select a different country to feature.

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